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Childcare & Early Education

More Than Money

A donation or support from a business as part of their corporate social responsibility initiatives is more than just financial support. It’s a direct sponsor of child education that gives children opportunities they otherwise wouldn’t have had in a secure, diverse and exciting environment.

As a voluntary organisation, our resources are sometimes limited and the focus of our staff is almost always on their direct work with the families and children in our communities. There are often things we would love to improve in our nurseries, or opportunities and activities we wish we could operate, but simply don’t have ability to support.

This is why our sponsors are so important to us. Through their corporate social responsibility initiatives, they have allowed us to progress the Derwent Stepping Stones nurseries to new heights and let the children in our care participate in activities and new experiences that they otherwise would never have had the opportunity to. From rolling their sleeves up to do jobs in the garden, to providing professional services that we simply could not afford to buy in, we feel so lucky to have had such strong support from local people and businesses.


Burnthebook is a digital design agency, based in Derby for over 20 years. Supporting early years learning and education is one of Burnthebook’s CSR key targets, so we were delighted when Burnthebook offered to design, build and provide content for this website completely free of cost. Burnthebook also arranged a private visit from children’s author Laura Wall for us. As part of the visit, Laura brought along a larger than life version of her character Goose to meet the children and read a story, and Burnthebook supplied beautiful bookbags including a free copy of Laura’s latest book.


Pattonair (now part of 'Incora') supplies aircraft parts globally and has its head office in Derby. In 2018, they committed to supporting child education in Derby and completed a DIY SOS style project, which transformed 3 of our nursery rooms, staff room and outdoor space. In our outdoor space appeared our outstanding St Marks Road Forest Garden. The Forest Garden is a favourite of the children at this setting, letting them hunt for minibeasts, look after plants and enjoy all of the seasons. It was an exhausting yet amazing week and the staff from Pattonair who took part were incredible.

Pennine Healthcare

Pennine Healthcare is a manufacturer of healthcare products serving global markets, and they employ around 380 people at purpose-built premises in Derby. Through their corporate social responsibility initiatives, they have provided us with various support, including moving equipment around our sites and fulfilling our printing services. Their biggest project, however, was the complete refurbishment of our IT classroom. It’s a fantastic resource for our staff to prepare activities for all types of learning, including the adult learning courses we provide in partnership with Derby College.

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Dains Derby

Dains delivers a full range of accountancy services across the Midlands and have an office in Derby. In March 2019, Dains included Derwent Stepping Stones as part of a corporate social responsibility initiative. The Derby office sent volunteers to us who proceeded to spend the day clearing, cleaning, tidying and transferring equipment between sites. It was a huge help to us as we just didn’t have the staff or resources needed to do this essential work. As another kind gesture, they also later donated Easter eggs for all of the children in nursery.

Geldards LLP

Geldards LLP is a law firm with offices around the UK, including an office in Derby. Geldards have a strong corporate social responsibility initiative programme, that has included much work to support and sponsor child education, particularly the development of reading skills. We are incredibly thankful for the invaluable advice and support they have given us with lease arrangements for some of our childcare settings. While going through something so complex, it was a relief to know we had such a respected firm to guide us through the process.


Corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives are all about companies playing a responsible part in, and giving back to, society. Many companies support local communities, and allow their staff to perform voluntary work or put together packages to help local charities with essential skills and services. This work can boost morale and help both employees and employers feel more connected with the world around them, as well as enjoying giving back to the communities they exist within. If you would like to sponsor child education in Derby, we’d love to hear from you.